GCN's Co-Branding Kit

Co-Branding GCN is a perfect FREE solution for businesses and organizations seeking to add value to their brand name by offering a fully customized communications service. There is no setup cost, monthly or hidden fees of any kind. Our staff are also available to assist you with technical support, at no cost. Below is a screen shot of the Co-Branding Wizard, which you will use to create customized and distributable versions of our software.

Business Solutions:

Internet Service Providers: While there are thousands of ISPs available worldwide, most offer only a dialup connection with no interface, no browser, no instant messaging or other useful tools. With GCN, any ISP can provide its users with a fully customized, easy to use interface. Use GCN to launch the dialup connection and provide users with easy access to your home page or portal. Your Customized version can be offered on your web site for easy download. Now you can compete with major ISPs and provide your users with an all-in-one communications tool.

Office Use: Do you own or work for a small or medium size business? Do you need an all-in-one communications center? Try GCN! Easy to use and packed with features, GCN can save the cost of long distant calling and faxing. You will be able to work with colleagues anywhere in the world. Host video/voice conferences, instantly send files, view drawings, photos and documents in White Board. You can even enjoy a game during a much deserved break! Co-Branding allows you to place your company’s name, custom background and logo on the desktop.

Distant Learning: Online education is a growing business. Hundreds of thousands of students worldwide enjoy the convenience of online education. By incorporating GCN into your program, your students can enjoy one of the most useful communications tools available on the net. Teachers can give instructions in a private classroom or talk one-on-one with a student. Students can work together on projects by using the file transfer, white board and video. Need to submit your homework? In a flash, GCN allows you to send documents around the world!

Organizations: A successful organization knows the key to success is good communication. With GCN, national organizations can network with their local affiliates and activists. By Co-Branding GCN with your logo and colors you can provide your supporters a way to stay in touch. Are you a stock trader? Have a fun hobby to share? Helping to get your candidate elected? Then GCN is the perfect FREE solution for you!

By combining the power of GCN's communications suite with the customization of GCN's Co-Branding Kit, the opportunities are endless. Co-Branding with GCN is a one-stop solution for establishing an online community for your organization. Give your employees, customers, and students something they can use. Download GCN's Co-Branding Kit today, and experience this powerful, easy, and risk-free tool for yourself.

GCN's Co-Branding Kit Features:

  • Enter your organization's name into GCN's Title bar and About screen
  • Set GCN to load your organization's home page when the Browser is opened
  • Isolate your users from the public areas of GCN and its members
  • Display your own custom advertisements in place of GCN's ads
  • Change GCN's color scheme to match your organization's home page or logo
  • Use your own background image for GCN's main window, either tiled or untiled
  • Hide all references to GCN, making your software seem like a custom solution
  • Replace GCN's sounds with your own custom sounds or recorded voice messages
  • Change any or all of GCN's icons on the Toolbar, and make animation effects
  • Take control of the Welcome Screen and display your organization's latest news
  • Create your own set of private chat rooms which you fully control and administer
  • Do all of this, and distribute your Co-Branded version for FREE!

Download this Simple, Fast, and FREE Co-Branding Kit today!

If you would like to see what GCN can do for your organization before building a custom version, please see our main page where you can download our uncustomized software.

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