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       "Global Communications Network is a communication tool that has everything you could possibly need in a program. It uses primarily user names, so all you have to do is type in your friend's name and send a message. It also serves as a chat module so you can meet in a private or public lobby and chat with multiple people. Biggest Features: Supports file transfer among users. This definitely takes away the need to download extra applications or uploading to an FTP site. Saves time! Supports video conferencing. This hooks into your digital camera so you can see who you are chatting with. This is definitely a plus, since it's always hard to find applications that perform this function. Overall, this is a one-stop application and worthy of a download. So join the GCN Network; you might just see one of us there."
- Editor

       "I had almost given up on the idea of Club net meets, since PalTalk set up and use was proving a pain in the backside for some users, particularly new users. No matter how basic we tried to explain how to use it, the unstable software and daunting environment was just too much for some people. Paltalk software expects users to have some basic knowledge of computing and makes itself lazy when it comes to user help. We found GCN to be amongst the simplest enviroment to get around. That coupled with an English speaking help file and help rooms that will show you all the tricks you need to know. Including FREE streaming video. Yes thats right, FREE. Unbelievable isn't it? No subscritpion required for any of its use, EVER boasts the 18 year old developer Jason Resch and what a nice fella he is too. Taking the time to respond to our introduction."

- Oscar,

       "Dear GCN, Two thumbs up! I have enjoyed using GCN for over a year now. I use it in business and have made friends from around the world. GCN has everything I need! I would recommend it to anyone wanting an all-in-one program. The price is right also... FREE. Thanks for a great program"

- James, Georgia

       "Global Communications Network is what every "chat" program on the internet wishes it could be and more. Offering not just chat but video, audio, text as well as both internal and external email and built in games and intergreted IM software!! What it doesn't have are pop up ads, hidden upgrade costs or a difficult learning curve. Truly global it sports a translation feature so folks world wide can keep in touch."

- Phil, California

       "My experiences on the Global Communications Network have been great. GCN has helped me keep in contact with all my friends, which has played a great importance to me. I would recommend GCN to anyone..."

- Jason, United Kingdom

       "GCN is an excellent chat program that I would recommend to anyone. The interface is extremely user friendly and easily figured out. There is a very easy to use toolbar with colorful graphics to make it even easier to figure out where you need to go to do something. Installation and set up is easy as well, no difficult configurations to go through. My favorite part about GCN is that it is very cost-effective, it's free!"

- Barbra, Florida

       "GCN provides a wide arrangement of features which companies and businesses can use to better market themselves. In addition, privacy from the usual online advertisements and flexibility in customizing the program allow users not only personalized use from the services but also a more enjoyable time online overall. I encourage all groups and individuals to download and try this easy to use program."

- Marcus, Michigan

       "GCN has an easy to use and understand interface, that organizes everything you'll need into a toolbar. It has features that AIM and Y! lack, like integrated games, message and white boards and a built in media player. GCN is overall a great service."

- George, Vermont

       "My favorite feature is being able to chat with friends on AIM, MSN and Yahoo. All of them have been around for years but you would have to have open too many different apps -- it's like if my phone provider is Verizon I wouldn't be able to call up and wish my sister a happy birthday because she has Sprint . That changes because in GCN you can talk on 5 different networks and it all has a very clean look &feel. I can't wait to see what GCN has planned for newer versions.

- Jonathon, Texas

       "Hands down, GCN is the best communications software out there. With its many powerful features and easy-to-use interface, your program blows away everything else I've tried. When I first downloaded GCN, I thought, "This is too good to be true...there must be some kind of a catch." There wasn't. Your program is everything I could ever need in a communications package, and more! Thank you GCN!"

- Gregory, Massachusetts

       "What can I say!!! GCN is the most awesome chat program on the internet! I will continue to support and spread the word about GCN as long as I have a pc.. and I hope you all do the same thing! All the best to you, may God bless you and GCN always..."

- Shelly, Virginia

       "GCN is the best chat program I have ever used. However, what I love about GCN is not just its obvious technical superiority, but Jason Resch's commitment to honesty, privacy, and user satisfaction. Not only does he refuse to spy on users or regulate their speech on GCN, but he also is open to suggestions from users as to how to improve GCN. Since I found GCN, I've had about a 1000% increase in female cult followers! If GCN can do that for me, imagine what it can do for you!"

- Stefan, Rhode Island